Welcome all visitors to minecraftgameonlinefree.net! In case you are keeping on browsing or making some use of this website, you are supposed to obey these following rules, which identify the connection between privacy policies of minecraftgameonlinefree.net and your purposes of use.

Before reading the rules, there are some terms used in this text. Terms you, visitors, viewers and users have the same meaning. We, our, and minecraftgameonlinefree.net indicate the owner. Importantly, the right of use is subjective, not objective, so the rules of minecraftgameonlinefree.net can be changed without any signals or notice. There are rules:

First, because the content can be adjusted by the owner subjectively without notice, this website is for general information and common use.

Second, no one including the owner or a third party offers either a warranty or guarantee to users. Both external factors and internal factors such as quality of content and performance of information are for general use, not specific purposes. Users should be aware fully that information presented in the website may be full of mistakes or inaccuracies though we do not go against laws.

Third, because there may be some inaccuracies, if users take materials from minecraftgameonlinefree.net, users must be the ones who are responsible for their actions. It is your own duty to scan, select, or take advantage of any content without any warranties from the owner. Moreover, minecraftgameonlinefree.net includes materials such as appearance and content possessed by us. Hence, when you intend to take something from our website, please remember to contact us again to make sure.

Fourth, it is illegal to reproduce due to the copyright expressed through part of these rules. Additionally, there are trademarks which are not owned by the operator, belong to minecraftgameonlinefree.net. As a result, any use without the owner’s acceptance is considered to breach terms.

Fifth, minecraftgameonlinefree.net often connects with other webs through links since we want to make visitors easy and comfortable during process of gathering more information. It does not mean that minecraftgameonlinefree.net owns the right to pick up, adjust, and change any features of these webs. You must be responsible for what you do. You are not expected to make any connections between minecraftgameonlinefree.net and other webs.

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