Scuba - Minecraft Game Online

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Game info
Scuba - Minecraft Game Online
196 plays
Date added: 2014-06-07
Description: One time when you are exploring the universe, the motor of your spaceship is broken. You have to land on a strange planet, and this planet looks extremely different from others. However, despite how the planet is, you must start to seek for enough materials to create a new motor for the spaceship.

Raw materials can be taken from the environment such as soil, diamond, wood, rock, coal, sediment, etc., and then they will be crafted to upgrade their use from weak tools to strong ones. You are so lucky because there is a recipe book opened by sliding the scroll line on the right of the screen or by pressing R that describes clearly how to craft things.

In addition, since you need to save oxygen provided by the ship to breathe, working near the ship is recommended. Moreover, your suit only bears a limited range of pressure, so the deeper you move, the higher the pressure is becoming. It is necessary to upgrade the capacity of oxygen, suit, laser, or light. Some of buildings ought to be created such as a workbench allowing players craft things close to, an air cabinet providing oxygen light producing eternal light, and a charger providing energy.

In short, crafting a motor is the most important aim in Scuba. While searching enough materials on land or under sea to create things, you must be watch out the limit of suit and oxygen. Simple things should be created first, and then upgrade vital tools later. Remember that crafting process must be done near your spaceship.
  • Movement is controlled by WASD or Arrows.
  • Left-clicking is for choosing items.
  • F is for flashlight.
  • E is for making use of buildings.
  • H is for “How to Play” page.
  • Q is for Inventory.
  • R helps players open recipes.
  • ESC is for pausing.
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