Minecraft Tower Defence 2 Hacked

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Game info
Minecraft Tower Defence 2 Hacked
348 plays
Date added: 2014-06-07
Description: Welcome all players to another great game of Minecraft Tower Defence. Like other games of this type, players are supposed to keep Minecraft character alive by using their strategies.

Two modes including Adventure and Survival open many interesting features behind. For instance, if Adventure mode is chosen, players are going to unlock battle fields one by one.

For each battle, a certain number of traps and turrets are available, and a specific number of opponents are listed. How to use these turrets, traps, or how to upgrade them is easy since the information about them is showed before players are playing. Clicking a block on the path is the step to place a trap like cacti, and clicking a block beside the path is for placing turrets. It is advise that players ought to upgrade weapons rather than set a new one, and players should think before lay a trap since one trap may destroy another trap.

The information of each trap like cost, and damage is described in the beginning, so you can have a full understanding of which traps or turrets can be used now, which traps or turrets are still unlocked, and characteristics of each type. In addition, players are able to skip wave, speed up, pause, or retry the game, so they can play a game which suits their taste most.

One feature making Minecraft Tower Defence 2 Hacked is different from other games is about the amount of money. A big money worth 999999 is given to players, so now players do not worry much about the cost of every trap or turret.

In brief, Minecraft Tower Defence 2 Hacked is ready to bring you to excitement with the process of keeping a Minecraft guy alive.
Instructions: The mouse is utilized to place traps or turrets. Expanding the map is done with WASD or Arrows.
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