Minecraft Tower Defence 2 - Minecraft Game Online

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Game info
Minecraft Tower Defence 2 - Minecraft Game Online
283 plays
Date added: 2014-03-27
Description: For those players who look for exciting moments in games, Minecraft Tower Defence 2 does not make players dissatisfied. Protecting a Minecraft character from numerous enemies such as zombies, wolves, creepers, and other sub-born ones is necessary. Once players choose a mode between Adventure and Survival Mode, and overcome a certain number of enemies and waves, another level will be unlocked. In each mode, for example Adventure one, there are different battle fields such as Deserted Beach, Forest, Ravine, or Village. If players are successful in Deserted Beach, they are allowed to move on another battle field. Later fields, enemies are more crowded or powerful.

Fortunately, weapons in later fields are also more powerful too from cacti, water, basic tools to TNT, lava, and powerful tools. While attacking and defeating enemies, choosing and laying traps are very important. Players should check types of traps they are allowed to use in their level and how much these traps cost. Sometimes because players are impatient and hurry, they use all money for a short time. As a result, they do not have anything left to continue the game. Though players should be careful, they ought not to be so hurry.

The amount of money, number of enemies, lives and waves are shown on the left side of the screen. Players are able to reset the path, speed up, or pause the game. More interestingly, they enable to retry and save the process of playing, so they can keep on playing later on.

In sum, Minecraft Tower Defence 2 is one of popular games loved by hundreds of fans. If you have a quick look at how fans comment on our website, you may have more interest to play this game. Spending time on helping the Minecraft survive among crowded enemies will bring exciting moments for players.
Instructions: Left-clicking is used for digging and set traps. Arrows are used for expanding the map.
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