Minecraft Creeper Diamond - Minecraft Game Online

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Minecraft Creeper Diamond - Minecraft Game Online
894 plays
Date added: 2014-03-18
Description: Last time, many creepers were knocked out under the hand of a Minecraft man, so the leader of creeper community was very angry. He forced weak creeper soldiers to participate in a hard training, and if they did not succeed in this training, they were not allowed to live in any community of creepers any longer. Once a creeper was expelled, he was on the verge of danger because there were lots of dangerous enemies outside. Hence, these creepers were very worried about their lives. In Minecraft Creeper Diamond, players meet one of such poor cases, so the main aim of this game is to help a creeper get over the training successfully.

Specifically, players are supposed to guide this creeper how to move on the ground safely so that he can reach places where diamond is kept. The ability to move cleverly seems to be the most difficulty in Minecraft Creeper Diamond since lava and arrow rock always pushes the creeper back to the lasted starting point. There are not many players clever enough to help the creeper jump over lava and keep balance on arrow rock. In case you need to open the gate so as to reach diamond, you should get to a button. Getting diamond means that he overcomes one level, and he goes on next levels.

Briefly, Minecraft Creeper Diamond is an interesting game which challenges your cleverness and patience as well. Supporting the creeper in searching diamond by moving a tough surface filled with lava is players’ main task. Some players have complained to us about the difficulty of this game, but we think that the more harder a game is, the more interested players may be getting.
Instructions: There are not many keys to remember because the creeper moves with the help of Arrows, and jumps with Spacebar.
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