Creep Craft

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Game info
Creep Craft
442 plays
Date added: 2014-02-07
Description: Before a creeper is proved that he is courageous and strong enough to fight with Minecraft characters, he has to accomplish a training program designed by creeper community. He is put in a limited place with basic stuffs and dangerous enemies around. Hence, the aim of Creep Craft is to support this inexperienced creeper in getting over obstacles named zombies and endermen.

Before officially facing enemies, it is required that the creeper should have an effective weapon before confronting opponents. There is a pickaxe made of stone in the Inventory, so it should be taken advantage at the early stage. After holding the stone pickaxe, the creeper should move to an iron wall to break it into pieces so that he can collect iron, and then he keeps on moving to another opposite direction to take a log. These materials are enough for him to create an iron sword. The process of making a sword must be fast since he will be hurt or defeated by enemies.

While fighting against enemies, he is likely to lose lives. In such cases, he should be provided with pork. Raw pork will help him recover quickly to go on searching victory.

In brief, when players participate in Creep Craft, they are about to assist a young creeper in overcoming challenges so that he can be recognized by the community of creepers. Players must be fast to finish the steps involved in gathering enough materials to create an iron sword, and remember when his energy is at risks, he is supposed to regain with the power from raw pork. Let see how quick you are going to help the creeper achieve his task. Play Creep Craft and enjoy nice time!
Instructions: + Left mouse is utilized to select tools in the Inventory.
+ Arrows are used to control his movement.
+ Spacebar helps him attack enemies.
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