Skincraft - Minecraft For Free Online

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Game info
Skincraft - Minecraft For Free Online
691 plays
Date added: 2014-01-26
Description: If you have a quick look at what other players have commented upon Skincraft Minecraft game, you will see more than one hundred good words for this game. Why can Skincraft attract so many players from plenty of nations?

Firstly, Skincraft has the taste of Minecraft games. For those players who spend time on trying to keep a Minecraft character to survive, fight against dangerous opponents, explore a new world, or craft interesting tools, they must remember somehow characters in Minecraft games. Both colors and characteristics of characters in the world of Minecraft seem to make a deep impression in their mind. Minecraft guys, zombies, ghasts, creepers, cactuses, turrets, swords, and others have been a part of players’ world.

Secondly, Skincraft is different from other Minecraft games because it allows players to create Minecraft character by their own, not only watching or controlling them. On the screen, lots of characters have being made by hundreds of big fans of Minecraft games. How creative they are! And what about you, if you are dreaming about designing a fresh character with your special style, why don’t you join Skincraft? After drawing, designing, and creating a cool character, show it to others!

Finally, because Skincraft has various functions to help all levels of players achieve their aim. For instance, to assist players in creating layer for their character, Pre-made parts are available if they find a bit difficult to use Custom due to lack of time.

At the beginning of Skincraft game, there are 4 options including New Skin, Import Skin, Load Data, and View Uploads. Among 4 above options, New Skin may be used more frequently than others.

About New Skin section, a wide selection of colors is for your character-to-be. Head, Upper Body, Lower Body, or Full Character is focused carefully if you choose Pre-made Layer. If you select Custom Player, there are Head, Body, Arms, Legs, Hat, and All. Physical appearance of the character is decorated with various clothes such as shirts, coats, belts, tunics, or gloves in different colors more than you expect. In addition, the mood of your character can be showed through the ways you pick up colors and lines.

More interestingly, you can change the background where your character appears too. Some common backgrounds are on the island with sea around, in a garden with yellow flowers and dogs, in front of buildings, on farm, in an area with zombies round, in caves, and others.

Varied layers, colors, clothes, settings, and functions are strong enough to convince most of the difficult players.

In brief, Skincraft is a game where you can show how much you love Minecraft, how creative you are, and how you want your Minecraft character looks like. With Pre-made option, you are able to select pre-made body parts and decorations. It looks like a fashion mall where you can choose good stuffs from such a wide selection. With Custom option, players have a chance to create a character layer piece by piece. Designing in Custom option seems to be harder than Pre-made one, but no one can guess how wonderful results will be, right? After finishing your designing creatively, you may print or share with beloved fans of Minecraft to see. Skincraft instructs how to choose every section in a clear way, so you do not feel upset. Though Skincraft is a simple game, it is worth visiting since it allows players to express their love and creativity as well toward Minecraft games. This game is good and suitable for children. We love hearing that you have nice time with Skincraft.
Instructions: Skincraft is played with the mouse.
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