Kill the Creeper

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Game info
Kill the Creeper
229 plays
Date added: 2014-06-16
Description: Like the name of the game, the target of Kill the Creeper is to defeat a creeper. In this game, player will love the game because they must the ones who think how to knock out a creeper. For example, some blocks should be destroyed so that the creeper can fall into lava or other things that can destroy the creeper. Once players make the creeper’s head touch lava, one level has just finished.

Furthermore, players must consider which blocks they should click in order because one wrong click will not create enough push pressure to make the creeper fall into lava. When one level is achieved, players get one medal and 10pts. In case you fail to push the creeper into hot lava, pressing Reset button on the top right of the screen will allow you to play that level again. For some levels, requirements are shown directly on the screen such as “Avoid Steve”, players are expected to meet these requirements. One tip to keep Steve alive is that players can make a bar fall down first, so between the creeper and Steve has an obstacle.

In later levels, lava can not be seen easily. At those times, players must invest more time and effort so as to end the creeper’s life.

In short, when players participate in the game, they must think ways to push the creeper into lava to reach another level. Now players should be active in the process of thinking. Many players have commented on Kill the Creeper that the game is great though something should be fixed. The author of Kill the Creeper welcomes all comments and ideas from players to make this game more wonderful. Play Kill the Creeper and earn the most medals as you can!
Instructions: Left-clicking is used for destroying blocks.
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