Minecraft Platform

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Game info
Minecraft Platform
202 plays
Date added: 2014-06-07
Description: A little chubby Minecraft with a long green hat goes out to visit his aunt, but he lost his way to home. Hence, now he is struggling for searching an exit in a cave with many layers. To return to the ground, at the final stage he has to get over a mad Minecraft man. Things seem not easy for this chubby Minecraft since he is still young and inexperienced. However, though he is young, he is one of the brave Minecraft creatures. In Minecraft Platform, players are about to support this young soldier in getting over challenges and coming back his family.

The exit way is green. In two first layers, there is only one exit door, but later stages there are quite many green ones. Hence, it makes the game more complicated. Besides the increase of green exit doors, a large number of obstacles which look like animals also prevent the soldier from seeing or arriving at the door. It is possible to make them disappear if he jumps on their back.

In order to help players play easier, some information about how to get the exit in early layers. In the first layer, you should lead the Minecraft baby to the ground of the screen by moving along the path on the left, and then let him move along the ground which can be seen if you do not move downward. At the end of the right side, he should jump up and up, along stairs. The exit door is on the right next to colorful blocks. In the second layer, he ought to move on the upper part of the cave, and there is no need to jump on any animals. The exit door is in the middle on the right.

In short, the aim of Minecraft Platform is to help a young Minecraft succeed in finding for exit doors in a cave and winning against a crazy Minecraft man in the final stage.
Instructions: Arrows are used to move, and Space is for shooting
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